PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY. Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte. - This is Prufrex

PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY - Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte.
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The Ignition Company

PRUFREX is the leading system partner for digital ignition systems and electronic control units.

We develop and produce control units for Small Engine, Marine & Recreation, Industry, Automotive and Electric & Cordless Power applications in close cooperation with our global customers.

What is our ambition? Tailor-made, customized solutions to create genuine added value for our customers and help make our partners even more successful.

What is our foundation? The substantial technological expertise, development and implementation skills of a midsize company, backed up by over 80 years of sector experience.

This year we celebrate our 80th anniversary. The siblings Yvonne Müller and Kurt Müller are the third generation of family owners. Here a few more historic facts:

  • 1933 founding in Nuremberg and first application for a patent (A1 stator tester)
  • Production of stator and amatur testers, later battery ignition coils
  • Move to Cadolzburg (Nuremberg metropolitan area)
  • Delivery to approx. 60 countries, export accounts for 70% of total turnover
  • 1979/1980 manufacturing facility built in Velburg
  • First fully automated potting line in Velburg
  • Introduction of SMD technique
  • 1988 first digital ignition module in ASIC design
  • 1995 embedded microcontrollers used in R&D
  • 2000 founding of PRUFREX Innovative Power Products GmbH
  • 2006 fully automated production line
  • 2009 founding of PRUFREX Engineering e Motion GmbH & Co. KG, R&D center
  • 2010 further development of the manufacturing plant in Velburg
  • 2011 founding of the affiliate company PRUFREX USA Inc.