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Leveraging innovation and process quality to boost safety

As a manufacturer of burner systems, you place a premium on utmost safety and reliability. With PRUFREX, you have a partner who can help you put your product strategy into action with tailored ignition spark generators and automatic burner control systems.

Our company is already number one in the lawn & garden segment, and we are busy bringing this expertise to bear in industrial applications. Let our innovations be the spark that ignites your products´ full production so they shine brightly among the crowd of competing offerings. We’re all fired up about contributing to the reliability of your heating systems, hot-water high-pressure washers and fuel cells.

Pulsed ignition spark generators for:

Oil, gas and dual-fuel burners, gas-fired infrared and radiant heating systems, hall heating systems, patio heaters, and block heat and power stations

  • High spark frequency
  • 100% on-time
  • High spark energy
  • Reliable combustion of mixtures
  • Lightweight

Automatic burner control systems and spark generators with built-in flame surveillance for:

Burners, block heat and power stations, and fuel cells

  • Highest safety
  • 100% on-time
  • Lightweight
  • High spark energy
  • Low power consumption (ULP)
  • High-frequency spark
  • Long burn time

High-frequency ignition spark generators for:

Hot-water high-pressure washers

  • Higher performance
  • Rugged industrial quality
  • Available from 110 to 400-volt versions
  • 100% on-time
  • Materials-conserving-design
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight