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Customized Engineering

New types of vehicles and groundbreaking mobility concepts demand a new breed of two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Fitted with one to six cylinders, these engines must be efficient, compact and robust. And they have to satisfy the requirements of increasingly complex applications, which is a particularly daunting challenge for small- and medium-scale production runs. PRUFREX has taken the lead in this field by tackling tough marine and recreational engine engineering challenges for 20 years now.

Our Marine & Recreation offering provides everything you need in ignition and control management. Optimized for operating excellence, our solutions support your product vision and deliver real added value in a fast-paced market. We look forward to coming on board with you.

Comfort control units for:

Heating systems, Winches, Lights


  • Theft protection
  • Hour meter

Ignition systems and engine control units for:

Outboard engines, Off-road Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Scooter, Motorcycles, Go-karts

  • Robust Design
  • Battery-independent solutions
  • Infinitely variable
  • Electronically controlled ignition point
  • Lower weight
  • Start/stop ignition
  • Lower emissions
  • Engine management
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Noise reduction