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14. February 2013

Meeting emission standards with digital ECUs

Engine manufacturers preparing for stricter emission regulations need to look beyond advances in mechanical design. The ECU (electronic control unit) managing the combustion process offers plenty of potential that can be tapped to meet emission standards. PRUFREX has developed this potential with groundbreaking solutions.

International emission limits have yet to be standardized. They are still relatively lenient, but sooner or later global emission laws will have a formative impact on the engine development. This is why engineers are coming to see the ignition process in a new light. With an intelligent control unit in place to regulate engine performance, emission levels could be improved markedly to preclude the need for costly mechanical design changes.

PRUFREX sets international standards for electronically controlled combustion in small and midsized engines. Featuring integrated, high-voltage resistant ignition coils, the company’s digital ECUs provide the spark duration, ignition voltage and ignition energy necessary to optimize emission levels. They regulate the fuel quantity, injection duration and ignition pulse precisely to meet a given engine´s specific requirements. Sensor data are constantly monitored and analyzed to provide the best fuel-air mixture and ignition timing for every operating mode and environment. Engines run more smoothly, consume less fuel, and produce far fewer emissions.

Would you like to learn more about how electronic components can help you meet emission standards? Then talk to PRUFREX – we will be happy to advise you.