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14. February 2013

New fully automated production line for ignition modules

PRUFREX is expanding its automated production capacities with a second production line for ignition modules. The new machine - built by Turin-based special-purpose equipment manufacturer Marsilli was undergoing gradual start-up at our Velburg location in 2013.

The design of the production line draws on the experiences PRUFREX has gained over decades. It is, for example equipped with an advanced laser soldering system that significantly reduces maintenance and also improves quality. The production line is also no longer a closed system but has been split into two sections and equipped with an intermediate buffer. Progress of the production is thus at all times secured to a large extent, which improves the overall efficiency factor. Finally, the supply of components is increasingly automated and simplified through the use of robotics.

This manufacturing facility plays an important role within the scope of the PRUFREX automation strategy that is strengthening the production location Germany with systematic quality and streamlining innovations. The technological advantage in the ignition module manufacturing sector is guaranteed for years to come. With the line's particularly flexible work capabilities, for example in regards to diverse printed circuit boards, feeder units, or handling tasks, PRUFREX has positioned itself very well for future projects. Our customers benefit from fast, flexible deliveries in the usual PRUFREX-quality.