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21. December 2011

New Resin Casting System at the Velburg Plant

In 2011, PRUFREX installed yet another resin casting system at the Velburg plant, featuring a vacuum dispensing station. This move cements our company’s international leadership position in resin casting technology.

The new system takes automation to an extraordinary level. Tapping decades of manufacturing experience, we defined the production process from the bottom up and implemented it in a fully robotic line. It takes just one person to operate the entire system, which can perform three million casting operations a year. Casting is fully shielded and automated to afford employees even greater safety and ensure the process is even more reliable. Another asset is the integrated test cell, which pairs optical and mechanical testing methods to provide exceptionally effective fault detection and protection.

The new resin casting system is a key component of PRUFREX’s automation strategy. We will continue to invest heavily in manufacturing equipment and ensure high quality at competitive prices for both large and small-scale production runs.