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14. February 2013

Smart EMC interference suppression

Today's modern vehicles would be unthinkable without efficient interference suppression by PRUFREX. Considering the trend to increasingly more complex on-board electronic systems, the issues of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and robust design are gaining renewed importance. How can electromagnetic interference be eliminated effectively with absolute reliability, especially in safety-critical vehicle or instrument components?

As a specialist in digital ignition systems and electronic control units, PRUFREX is working directly on the number one source of electromagnetic interference namely the ignition spark. In the microcontroller ignition field, for example, PRUFREX is a global pioneer, supplying market-leader customers for over two decades. Closely integrated EMC processes results in the creation of engineering and production processes that incorporate these new challenges from the very beginning. In engineering optimized for design space, PRUFREX excells with its immense experience and the close interaction of development and in-house production.

PRUFREX products offer additional EMC protection against radiation via their robust design. Options such as optimum vacuum potting make them a global market leader, keeping systems fully functional while simultaneously reducing external influences.

In the automotive field, for example, PRUFREX solutions can be integrated into auxiliary heating systems or range extenders. We are also continually improving our knowhow in safety and comfort systems for your products.