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PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY - Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte.
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Enhanced efficiency in the development process

Benefit from our experience acquired in over 1,000 development projects! PRUFREX offers the best engineering department in the competitive environment.

Our independent R & D company has developed expert teams under one roof. Our design engineers network closely with our In-House Manufacturing Division and international research. This allows the development of innovative products that can be implemented and financed for future markets. 

Hardware development

Are you looking for a development partner who manufactures complete systems at the highest possible...

Software development

Custom-made software and hardware development is the foundation of our customer-specific systems...


Vom ersten Konzept, über Konstruktionsabsicherung durch Prototypen bis hin zur Serie unterstützen...

Testing equipment development

To be able to guarantee our clients of the highest possible quality we also have our own testing...

Test and analysis

The test and analysis department assesses, tests, and qualifies components and completed products...