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PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY - Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte.
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Purchasing Strategy

Product life cycles and development periods are shrinking, while planning for our next generation of products is increasingly complex.

We have concluded that we have to cooperate with the leading product developers throughout all sectors. This is how we can guarantee that the materials needed for the products of the future will be made available to our design engineers exactly when required.

For this purpose we intend to combine the advantages of our supplier partners´ performance with our own strong points. As a global technological leader for digital ignition systems, we therefore are looking for the best supplier companies throughout the world.

We expect our suppliers to meet the following requirements:

  • quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9000
  • high potential for innovation
  • flexibility in case of varying demand
  • signing of non-disclosure agreements
  • prices in line with the current market