PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY. Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte. - Why choose Prufrex?

PRÜFREX THE IGNITION COMPANY - Zündungen, digitale Zündsysteme und elektronische Steuergeräte.
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The Spark that Ignites Your Future

We are a family-operated enterprise. Our organization has a flat hierarchy, and a spirit of cooperation and trust prevails. Our brand values – performance, passion, respect and partnership – shape our corporate culture, guide us in our actions within and outside the company, and determine how we do business.

As a globally active technology company, we offer our employees the opportunity to work in an international environment and pursue very promising career paths. We take a personalized approach to promote every employee’s prospects for professional development and personal growth.

We look forward to having you join us in our efforts to take our company to the next level and to proactively shape the future of ignition and engine management.