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PX Ideas

We can bring competitive product improvements into production quickly, economically and tailor-made for your application.

The best engineering department in the competitive environment with more than 1,000 successful development projects form the foundations on which PRUFREX develops its forward-looking market solutions. We are a development partner coming from the standardised, highly integrated Small Engine sector. Our highly adaptable modular engineering is closely integrated with in-house production.

1,000 successful development projects

Gain competitive advantage-cost effective fast and tailor made to your application

Development and production working hand in hand

Alongside industry and automotive applications our focal points are the garden and landscaping sector, motorised water, sport and leisure vehicles, and of course construction.

PX IDEAS – consultation and development

in drives

PX IDEAS – our development competence for your projects

Market-relevant optimizations for controlling engines, burners and other electronically controlled applications can hardly be achieved just by mechanical means anymore. We at PRUFREX are experts for digital open and closed-loop control intelligence, offering solutions to your future-related issues. Our creative e-solutions will put you on the fast lane.

Centrally located in your engine and device operations, your projects will profit from electronic solutions packed with ideas by PX IDEAS – for enhanced performance, reduced emissions and additional comfort.

Comfort & Interaction

New features, from on-board diagnosis to individualised machine behaviour. Add value to your product and increase your profit margin!

Conceptual approaches:

  • Fleet management systems
  • On-board diagnosis
  • Interface via app
  • Easy start
  • Auto-choke
  • Automated adjustment of the machine
  • Fuel flexibility (ethanol & alkylate)
  • Customisable machine behaviour

Power & efficiency

Increase power, accelerate time to market, reduce costs – sophisticated control intelligence fulfils many requirements at once.

Conceptual approaches:

  • Complex function and circuit design
  • Patented technologies
  • Model-based development
  • Application specific adjustments
  • Intelligent Component integration

Package & weight

Looking for further savings potential? Compact assembly design and highly integrative design reduce weight, space and raw material costs.

Conceptual approaches:

  • High level of integration
  • Compact assembly design
  • Footprint reduction
  • Raw material economy
  • Optimal power-to-weight ratio

Emissions & EMC

Is your technology suiteable for future emission standards? Get future-proofed now with digital motor control!

Conceptual approaches:

  • Emission reducing engine and device control
  • Regulated noise level
  • Noise vibration harshness reduction
  • Avoidance of dangerous emissions (RoHS and REACH compliant)
  • EMC shielding (self-protection)

Quality & Robustness

Deep discharge protection, high-voltage resistant design, robust shielding from environmental influences – our solutions improve customer satisfaction.

Conceptual approaches:

  • Deep discharge protection
  • Surge protection
  • Shielding from environmental influences
  • Fail safety through incorporation of redundancy
  • High-voltage safe design
  • Potting technology
  • Traceability with consecutive serial numbers
  • PPM rate < 100

Protection & Safety

From emergency cut-out, through kickback stop to usage restrictions, user protection and safety can be improved through innovative control technology.

Conceptual approaches:

  • Emergency stop
  • Usage restriction / access protection
  • Flame monitoring and interruption
  • Kickback stop
  • Avoidance of simultaneous tool rotation
  • EMC shielding-Enhanced User Safety

We’ll help you take your products to the next level through innovation!

We know the goals that drive you as a manufacturer. And we know from our own experience what concerns you. Our workshop will provide inspiration, opening up new perspectives for your development and manufacturing departments. You will learn how control intelligence will help you to meet the challenges of tomorrow and gain the competitive edge over your competitors.

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„Have you already tapped into your potential? This workshop will provide you with the answer.“

Sebastian Hook, Strategic Sales Manager,

What drives you? And what drives you crazy?


Our design engineers are closely networked with in-house production and international research. Here we develop innovative, technically feasible and affordable products for future markets.

Software development

Software development

system solutions

Our embedded real-time systems utilise model-based software development with Matlab/Simulink and Targetlink. Rapid control prototyping ensures fast development of control systems.

The software quality is ensured through the implementation of modern code analysis tools; customer-specific diagnostic functions make servicing easier.

Testing equipment development

Testing equipment development

Product-specific and fully
integrated into production

An experienced in-house team of testing and analysis specialists is responsible for the highest possible quality – product-specific and totally according to your requirements. The testing equipment is linked in to the production processes and automated production centers.

In-circuit-tests, function tests and product-specific tests ensure 100% testing coverage.


Hardware development

Complete systems at the
highest level

PRUFREX develops high-performance control units and ignition spark generators. Our hardware guarantees minimum dimensions due to maximum integration densities. Featuring an EMC robust design, it provides support for all popular interfaces and protocols.

Our Hardware development team work closely with our in-house production to ensure efficient prototyping and production-oriented engineering from the outset.



From concept to production

With our own product and tool design we support development from the first concept through design safety and prototyping all the way to the first production run.

RAPID prototyping with own 3D printer, CAD/CAE development and a broad spectrum of further analysis, simulation and design tools ensure the fulfilment of technical and budgetary requirements.

Test und Analyse

Testing and analysis

Modern test stations, developed by Prufrex

Environmental tests, materials analyses, shock resistance measurements, thermal gradient tests, endurance runs - our testing and analysis department rates, tests and qualifies components and products under realistic conditions.

We safeguard all development phases with wide-ranging tests and account for reliability of 100% in the final application.