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The fuel cell manufacturer Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH (formerly new enerday GmbH) and the electronics manufacturer PRÜFREX will be working closely together in future in the area of SOFC systems (solid oxide fuel cells) for the new "Sunfire Home" and "Sunfire Remote" product series.

Sunfire Fuel Cells produces systems for generating environmentally friendly, independent and cost-efficient energy, and also develops the related supply solutions.   These micro combined heat-and-power units are put to use in residential buildings and for supplying electricity for off-grid applications. PRÜFREX, an electronics manufacturer with origins in Cadolzburg in Franconia, is a specialist in the area of control intelligence for electronically-actuated applications. At the key point in device operation, PRÜFREX realizes creative electronic solutions.

With its ignition spark generator with integrated flame monitoring (ZFG), PRÜFREX offers Sunfire an all-in-one solution for the entire device. This means that ignition of the supply of natural or liquefied gas and monitoring of reliable ignition through measurement of the ion current are combined in one unit and occur simultaneously. The ignition spark generator is put to use in the products "Sunfire Home 750", the fuel-cell-based power supply/heater for single-family homes, as well as "Sunfire Remote", the stationary power supply for off-grid applications, such as in the area of oil and gas, as well as surveillance and telecommunications.

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