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Smart EMI avoidance

The modern car is unthinkable without efficient interference suppression solutions by PRUFREX. In reaction to the trend towards ever more complex on-board electronics, the topic of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and PX ROBUST DESIGNS, are coming into new focus. In the future, how can electromagnetic interference, especially in safety critical car and device components, be effectively and completely reliably avoided?

As a specialist for digital ignition systems and electronic control devices, PRUFREX is at work directly, as it were, on electromagnetic disturbance cause Number 1: the ignition spark. In micro-controller ignition PRUFREX is one of the world pioneers and has been supplying market-leading customers for over two decades. Through close involvement in EMC processes engineering and production processes are created that integrate the new requirements right from the very beginning. Furthermore, PRUFREX is also a front-runner in space-optimised engineering, with its rich experience and the close interlinking of development and in-house production.

In addition, PRUFREX products offer great EMC strength in radiation shielding, though their robust design, which is an international leader thanks to its optimal vacuum potting. In this way the systems remain fully functional, while outside influences are at the same time reduced.

In the automotive sector, PRUFREX solutions can be employed, for example, in heating systems or range extenders. We are also continuously working on the further development of our knowledge in the field of safety and comfort systems for your products.