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PX Systems

Electronic control units
and digital ignition systems

The premium quality of PRUFREX products is the result of the decades-long synchronisation of development and production under a single roof. PX COMPONENTS links together our deep knowledge of many sectors, our familiarity with interactions and our experience with highly integrative solutions. As a preferred component and system partner of engine and burner manufacturers, we not only deliver to partners in industry and the automotive sector, but also forge particularly strong supplier links with sectors such as forest and landscape gardening, motorised water, sport and leisure vehicles, as well as the construction industry.

PX COMPONENTS – control and ignition systems

PX EFI – electronic fuel injection

Higher Performance,
Smaller Footprint

Micro-electronic control of the ignition timing and fuel injection, especially for battery-powered devices – micro-electronics and high-voltage resistant ignition coil(s) combined in a single housing.

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PX IPI®-N – electronic fuel injection

Cost Effective
modular concept

Electronically controlled ignition timing and fuel injection especially for battery-less hand devices – flexible adaptation to different models of engine through modular design.

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PX IPI®-S – ignition and engine management

Ignition coil with integrated fuel mixture control

Integration of ignition and mixture control in a single housing – in an extremely compact package.

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PX IPI®-B – ignition with booster effect

Ignition Optimisation

Increased spark energy and extension of the spark duration by micro-controller – ignition of the fuel-air mixture even under the most difficult conditions.

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PX CDIM – ignition module with digital easy-start system (DLS)

Ignition timing

Ignition timing management for 2- and 4-stroke internal combustion engines by micro-controller – numerous performance-, safety- and convenience-improving functions can be implemented.

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PX EZW – ignition transformer for alternating voltage

More ignition energy,
fewer resources

High frequency ignition spark generator for oil, diesel and gas burners – material and volume saving, as well as electromagnetic interference reduction by direct connection to the combustion electrode without high-voltage lines.

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PX EZB – ignition spark generator for battery operation


Battery-powered ignition spark generator for reliable ignition in auxiliary heating systems and fuel cells.

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Heavy duty for
your business

Temperature and moisture protection

Vibration and shock resistant

Compact design

High-voltage resistant

EMC shielding

All-in-one solutions

Heavy duty for
your business

PX ROBUST DESIGN – one of our great strengths, which we continually develop using various qualification method. You save space, protect your product more effectively against environmental influences and improve its electromagnetic compatibility.

Temperature and moisture protection

PRUFREX provides the know-how and the technical equipment required for connecting housing, electronic system and cables, creating temperature resistant and waterproof components – for optimum device protection in harsh environments.

High-voltage resistant

As a specialist from the ignition sector, PRUFREX is the natural partner in the field of customer-specific high-voltage solutions – for reliable, well shielded energy transfer.

Vibration and shock resistant

With its well developed potting and testing technology, PRUFREX ensures the continued functionality of its parts or systems under vibration and mechanical loads.

EMC shielding

Ever more complex on-board electronics are demanding effective EMC shielding. As the "Controller of the Ignition Spark", which is the number one source of electromagnetic interference, PRUFREX is the global leader in efficient EMC processes. With this expertise, we are also top choice when it comes to many other applications.

Compact design

We come from the Small Engine sector – space-saving, optimised engineering and product solutions are part of our company’s DNA. Our standard is always the most powerful product in the most compact format.

All-in-one solutions

PRUFREX is a pioneer in the integration of diverse system components in a single housing. If it's the combination of various technologies in a small space with no interference you’re after, we are the partner of choice.

Qualification methods

Our competence in PX ROBUST DESIGN has been developed continuously over decades. Here we employ the following testing and analysis instruments, among others:

FMEAs, environment tests, material analysis, photomicrography, X-ray analysis, shock-resistance measurements in air, shock resistance measurements in liquid, thermal gradient tests, motor and simulator endurance runs, reliability tests of solder and glue joints, reliability tests of electronic components, reagent resistance and shaker tests.

PX SYSTEMS – product and system responsibility

Full responsibility –
PRUFREX, your system partner

Are you looking for quality partnerships that will support and sustain you at various levels of development and production? PX SYSTEMS offer you all-round engineering, production and logistics competence, making us the ideal system supplier for your projects. We are happy to take over full responsibility for demanding, complex device components.

You can be sure of technically mature and on time/in budget completion of projects. We find the most cost effective answers to your requirements – in the most compact form.


Even if not related to the ignition process, we can develop and produce any of your engine power tools, burners, or application specific control units.

Sensors / actuators

Wherever there are systems which have to receive digital and analogue information and signals relating to operational status, and induce a desired target status, we are your competent partner.

Wet Side

If fuel metering and fuel pressure with maximum precision are required: We are the system specialist with decades of experience.

Power supply

Whether your system is to be battery, magnet or generator fuelled – our systems guarantee optimal provision and distribution.

„We optimise our modular solutions to your product. For further details please contact us!“

Sebastian Hook, Strategic Sales Manager