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The RC-LowCAP project an international research consortium, which includes PRUFREX. Currently, the consortium is grappling with the de-carbonization of powertrains for vehicles such as motorbikes, quads or powersport vehicles, and light utility vehicles, because ultimately these machines contribute to global emissions, in the same way that cars do.

The consortium – comprised of scientific institutes and industrial enterprises – has taken on this task and over the next four years will research the de-carbonization of small powertrains in a "Research Center for Low Carbon Special Powertrain" set up specifically for the purpose.

The overarching field of research involves the use of CO2-free fuels and their effects on powertrains. Work is also being done on "transitional fuels", which already have high CO2-neutral component content and are available sooner.

As the sole developer and manufacturer of electronics PRUFREX will advise researchers regarding sensors, electronic controls, regulators, and algorithms, and will provide support in the construction of prototypes. PRUFREX will be involved in all research areas, consisting of the fields "Zero CO2 fuels", "Hybrid / electrification" and the cross-cutting issues, and will supply the intelligence in the new drive concepts.

The RC-LowCAP research project is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT) and the Federal Ministry of Digitalization and Business Location (BMDW) and receives support from various industrial enterprises.

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