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[Translate to EN:] Übergabe der Mitgliederurkunde an PRÜFREX

We have been following the cluster mechatronics & automation for some time now and participate actively at trainings and workshops. Therefore we decided to become part of the cluster community. Clustermanger Mr. Rüdiger Busch visited PRUFREX to bestow Mr. Leo Kießling the membership certificate and from now on PRUFREX is officially part of the cluster community.

Following our company vision and mission, we are continuously looking for new innovations for our products – such as 3D-MID, additive manufacturing or the latest communications technologies. As a member of the cluster mechatronic & automation we benefit from newest technologies and methods, great commitment and customer orientation of university and foreign university employees.

We are proud about our role as a driver of  innovation in our cluster sector and looking forward to the collaboration in the cluster from which we expect to receive new and important impulses.


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