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PRUFREX provides support to the St. Johannes children's nursery

PRUFREX has donated a sum of money amounting to EUR 10,000 for use in the classrooms and the sports hall of the St. Johannes children's nursery in Velburg, as well as four CO2 monitors.

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Foto: Wolfgang Schön

This year, instead of the usual Christmas presents, PRUFREX has handed over the money set aside for this purpose to a local children's nursery in the form of a donation. In these exceptional times, helping one another has become more important than ever.

PRUFREX is providing support to the St. Johannes children's nursery in Velburg with a donation of EUR 10,000, as well as four CO2 monitors.

The CO2 monitors are intended to help prevent Covid-19 infections by making it easier to assess the quality of exhaled air in the interior areas of the nursery. The CO2 monitors deliver a quick overview of current concentrations of CO2 and aerosols in the air in the rooms, thereby helping staff to ensure that they are adequately aired. The CO2 monitor emits a sound if the CO2 level in a room gets too high, indicating to staff that the room needs to be aired. Airing the room then ensures that the aerosols in the interior air are expelled and replaced by fresh air from outside, reducing the risk of infection.

The donation was officially presented to the nursery by two representatives of the PRUFREX management board, Mr Kurt Müller and Mrs Elke Kuhlmann-Müller, as well as the head of the nursery Ms Beate Reinsinger (at the front in the picture), and (at the back in the picture) representatives of the church administration, together with priest Mr Martin Becker.

The team from the children's nursery, the town’s priest, Martin Becker, and the chairman of the Velburg Church Foundation, Franz Kastner, all extended their sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Müller for this financial donation, and the representatives from the church thanked Mayor Christian Schmid for mediating the presentation of the donation.