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Statement COVID-19

PRUFREX is constantly monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We are continuously in contact with our suppliers and have introduced a variety of precautionary and preventive measures to protect ourselves and our employees as much as possible in order to maintain our ability to deliver.


These measures are continuously monitored and adjusted in accordance with the national and international situation.
The most important measures at a glance:

  •  We have changed to multi-shift operation at both our Cadolzburg, Velburg and Virgina Beach locations in order  maintain social distancing. At the same time, we are giving our employees maximum flexibility in order for them to provide care for their families, whilst at the same time maintaing as much capacizy at our facilities as possible.
  • Almost all administration staff are working from thier homes, but available as normal.
  • Meetings, trips and visits are kept to the very minimum.
  • Our employees were instructed to pay particular attention to hand hygiene and social distancing rules. They have also received instructions on what to do if they suspect that they may have been infected with COVID-19.
  • The efforts of our cleaning staff with regard to the disinfection of all areas across our facilities hae been significantly increased.

At the present time, our operation is largely trouble-free given the context of the current situation and the uncertainty that we all are facing.

We continuously monitor our supply chain. We react to delays in the delivery of goods as soon as they become known. However, the situation represents a great challenge. We must be prepared for the fact that government-imposed measures taken to prevent or contain pandemic could impair our ability to deliver. It goes without saying that we will inform you immediately if we foresee any developments that might affect your comapny, or your current orders.

We want to overcome this crisis in the safest way possible for our customers and our staff. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.