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One System, many options

MMS-EL – motor management system

MMS-EL provides microelectronic control of the moment of ignition and fuel injection. This increases performance, improves running performance and leads to a reduction in consumption and emissions. The modular system allows automatic adaptation to environmental conditions. In addition, it is able to control the peripheral components of the application. Whether with 1, 2 or more cylinders, 2-stroke or 4-stroke, the MMS-EL basic version can be flexibly adjusted to customer requirements. Functions such as CAN communication or eGas control can be integrated. For special product solutions, cylinder-selective central injection can be provided as an option for 2-cylinder motors, hardware applications for motor starting and energy supply to battery-free EFI systems, integrated ignition coils for effect EMI protection and sensor-free calculation of the air-fuel mix (Lambda).ink. This compact design reduces its weight and use of resources. The MMS-EL drives your electric motor at peak performance.

A space-efficient housing and integrated electrics and ignition coils are optional extras.

Scalable circuit board with exchangeable functional building blocks for maximum flexibility between variants.

Integrated sensors (temperature and control voltage).

Flashable microcontroller with application-specific PRÜFREX software, diagnostics function and error log.

Scalable automotive plug for flexible cabling concepts and top IP-standard protection.

„We are happy to provide you a MMS Demonstrator Package. For further details please contact us!“

Heiko Diehm, Key Account Manager


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