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Higher Performance, Smaller Footprint

MMS-AL – motor management system

Micro-electronic control of ignition timing and fuel injection enhances performance, improves running, and leads to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The system, for which PRUFREX has also developed application-specific software, makes automatic adaptation to environmental conditions possible. It can also control the peripheral components of the application. Compared with capacitive ignition systems, the energy transfer is patently greater. Whether the engine is 1, 2 or more cylinders, or whether it is 2 or 4-stroke – the basic version, created in a modular format, can be quickly adapted to your customers' needs. Functions such as CAN communication or eGas control can be integrated without great expense. The unique quality of this solution is that the micro-electronics and the high-voltage-safe ignition coil are integrated in a single housing – with effective protection against electromagnetic interference. Your benefits: fewer components, lighter weight, and a space-saving footprint.

Build-space optimised housing, economic integration electronics and ignition coils.

Scalable circuit board with interchangeable functional units for maximum variation and flexibility.

High-voltage safe ignition coil with adjustable spark energy. Drives the motor, without a spark wasted.

Electrical steel lamination core

Scalable automotive connectors for best protection and flexible wiring plans and the best IP-standard protection.

Flashable micro-controller with application-specific PRUFREX software, diagnosis functionality and error memory. The only control unit on the market which can instantly start in 4-stroke mode.

Integrated sensors (temperature and supply voltage).

„We optimise our modular solutions to your product. For further details please contact us!“

Heiko Diehm, Key Account Manager


Intelligence in drives

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