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Higher Performance, Smaller Footprint

PX ESW – Electronic control unit for AC voltage

There is a greater freedom in the implementation of special functions in the sequence of electric motor control, thanks to the integrated microcontroller and motor current detection. The PX ESW motor controller can be flexibly adapted to your requirements in terms of both design and bespoke software functionality - no matter whether it is a 120V or 230V version. The PX ESW controller provides the necessary functional modules for the desired functions, such as electronic speed and torque control, overload protection, electronic soft start and switchable pulse operation.

An AC/DC converter provides power to a standard microcontroller, eliminating the need for ASICs. A current-sense resistor also measures and monitors the power supply to the motor or the drive. At the same time, the PX design is specially designed for a fully automated production process. The aluminium housing saves the use of an additional heat sink. This compact design reduces its weight and use of resources. PX ESW drives your electric motor at peak performance.

Cable connection to electric motor

Contacts for power supply

Throttle as part of the AC/DC converter

Electrolytic capacitor as energy buffer and storage

Switch IC - control of the AC/DC converter

Triac - bidirectional thyristor triode for switching alternating current

Space-saving housing made of aluminium or plastic

Current-sense resistor for measuring
and monitoring the motor current (drive)

Microcontroller with
customized PX software

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Heiko Diehm, Key Account Manager


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