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Ignition coil with integrated fuel mixture control

IPI®-S – ignition and engine management

IPI®-S with application-specific software from PRUFREX incorporates the electronics for mixture control in the ignition module – at no extra space cost. Combining ignition and engine management leads to improved engine running. This extremely compact unit is designed both for 2 and 4-stroke engines, compensates for your manufacturing tolerances, markedly reduces emissions, and ensures optimum air-fuel-mixture at any operating point.

Housing space-optimised and customer-specific

PCB loaded with application-specific software by PRUFREX

Coil Assembly

Stop connector and UART communication interface

Electrical steel lamination core – adaptable to different flywheel diameters and connection points

„We optimise our modular solutions to your product. For further details please contact us!“

Heiko Diehm, Key Account Manager


Intelligence in drives

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