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100% German Engineering

Coil winding technology, circuit board assembly, component assembly, testing and potting – PRUFREX performs the whole production process under one roof. 100% functionality tests, for example ICT/FCT, accompany the production process and ensure minimal return rates. Manufacturing is located in Germany and the USA. Whether conventional manufacturing, or semi-automated or fully automated production: With us, you can count on the highest quality as well as economic efficiency. One of our special strengths here is the PX ROBUST DESIGN.

PX COMPONENTS – production and prototyping

Quality-assured and Cost Efficient

With PX COMPONENTS we will support your projects through the entire production process. Our vertical integration of engineering and manufacturing ensures exceptional prototypes and production reliability. Functionality, cost-oriented hardware and software development go hand-in-hand from the beginning. Theoretical approaches to a solution are planned-through with regard to production, prototypes and sample production are made on the same machines as final productions parts. With concurrent functionality tests and permanent feedback we offer the complete package when it comes to quality-assured, economically realised small, medium and large special production runs.

Naturally you can also use our facilities, especially our EMS production, for contract manufacturing.

Short time-to-market cycles

Rapid development, and reliable Production

Small, medium
and large batch sizes

Integrated engineering –
with a focus on production from the very beginning

Engineering – problem-solving approaches are planned down
to the smallest detail and in close cooperation with our production.
Production – prototypes and sample are manufactured on the same
machines as the final production units ensuring an on time reliable launch.

„Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing partner?
I am looking forward to your request!“

Sebastian Hook, Strategic Sales Manager



Smart automation concepts enable us to meet the highest standards of manufacturing quality made in Germany and made in USA – in a cost-efficient manner. Benefit from our production expertise that we have continuously developed over several decades.

Vacuum potting technology

Vacuum potting technology

The best possible protection
for your components

Mechanical protection, reliable electrical insulation, moisture shielding and heat dissipation - with continuously optimized potting resins (polyurethanes, epoxies, etc.) and potting equipment, PRÜFREX is a leader in the field of vacuum potting. When it comes to the safe protection of your electrical and electronic components, our state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing equipment meets all contemporary requirements.

Machine parks

Machine parks

Highest level intelligent automation

In our manufacturing units we cooperate with the leading solution suppliers for industrial automation. Our machine parks contain, among others: 10 Marsilli winding centres, 4 Scheugenpflug and Hübers Vacuum potting lines, 2 SMD lines by Siplace, 2 fully automated production lines, 2 partly automated production lines, 5 highly automated final testing devices and robot-supported assembly systems.

Coil winding technology

Coil winding technology

For maximum
spark energy

Highly insulated, precise in output, exactly tuned to the required power – with our modern winding centres for fine wire and heat-bonding wire technologies, with several fully automated plants, we are the partner of choice when it comes manufacturing technically optimized products. The coils are designed by us according to customer requirements, so that the exact technical specifications can be guaranteed. This way, we ensure the required process capability.

PCB Assembly and programming

PCB Assembly and programming

Automated and
quality assured

Circuits are designed and laid out in-house at PRUFREX. The quality parameters are determined and implemented internally. This way we take the shortest and most efficient route from prototype to full production. Our zero-errors strategy is reflected in the high level of automation in each individual production process. The AOI systems used for assuring the placement process quality are continually improved.

Service and logistics

Focus on customer satisfaction

As your system partner we offer you all the quality, cost and time advantages of decades-long experience in logistics.

Do you need supply direct to your assembly line? We ensure reliable just-in-time delivery. Do you prefer environmentally friendly, resource saving logistics? We are happy to consign your packages to an SLC system (Small Load Carriers) multiple-use system. Do you want safety stocks? We have the necessary storage capacity available for you. Our batch tracking, down to the individual part, makes a significant contribution to product quality, effective cost reduction and efficient warranty management.

Just-in-sequence service

Just-in-time service

SLC system (Small Load Carriers) multiple-use system

Environmental and resource-friendly logistics

Safety stocks

Batch traceability