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Do you want to find out more about PRUFREX, the expert in control and regulator intelligence? Do you lack your own electronics manufacturing or are you looking for valuable practical tips?

Benefit from our experience as a system partner, offering you comprehensive development, production and logistics competence. With our smart solutions, we equip you for the future and industrialise your ideas. You can find the answers to your questions here.

Software development

What are the advantages of the multi-layer software development in PRUFREX control devices?
  • The multi-layer system architecture of PRUFREX control devices (hardware driver, firmware and application layer) allows different types of collaboration between PRUFREX and our clients.
  • One form is complete software development on the part of PRUFREX. Using a specification, the scope is determined and fully realised at PRUFREX.
  • Another option is for the customer to develop the application layer themselves. This is made possible using our model-based software development with a corresponding toolchain. The customer receives the control device with a basic application that can be adapted and extended. This software is then integrated by PRUFREX and the control devices delivered with it installed.
  • Finally, software development can also be completely taken over by the customer. PRUFREX’s role here is as the supplier of the hardware platform, while the software development is wholly in the hands of the customer. In this case, PRUFREX offers support and training.
  • Transitions can also be made smoothly between these development models.
What tools are used in software development?
  • Software development takes place in C and in model-based form with Matlab / Simulink.

  • To quality-assess the program codes generated, we use analysis tools such as MISRA-C Checker.

  • We also use automotive toolchains such as CANape and ETAS/Inca.

Quality in General

To which standards are you certified?

The Company

What patents does PRUFREX own?
  • PRUFREX development competence and experience answers your future questions based on our prior in-house development projects (advanced engineering) and has been able to register a considerable number of patents over the years.
  • You can take a look at our PRUFREX patents here.
I am interested in your job postings – where can I find them?

PRUFREX job offers can be found on our Carreers page. We are also represented on relevant job portals such as Monster, LinkedIn and StepStone.

Do you offer tours of your production facilities?
  • You can get an initial impression of our company and production lines in our PRUFREX-Imagefilm – enjoy!
  • Of course, we also offer interested companies and our customers guided tours of our state-of-the-art, automated production lines.
What is the best way to reach you?

The easiest way to reach PRUFREX is via the email address sales(at) or by calling us at our headquarters – see here.

Product Quality

What is the meaning of “intelligence in drives”?
  • Intelligence in Drives refers to the PRUFREX development competence for digital control and regulator intelligence in motors (electrical, combustion), burners in general and electrically controlled applications (see also PRUFREX patents).

Quality in supplier management

How can counterfeits be detected using proper Supply Chain Management?

Through our established contact with manufacturers, purchases from third-party sources can be guaranteed by the manufacturer. On top of this, our development department always inspects purchases. This includes, for example, comparative measurements and X-rays of the chip structure. This ensures that only original components enter into customer projects.