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Battery-powered ignition spark generator for reliable ignition in auxiliary heating systems and fuel cells

EZB – ignition spark generator for battery operation

This battery-operated electronic high frequency ignition spark generator guarantees reliable ignition in truck and bus auxiliary heating systems, as well as in fuel cell starting or residual gas burners. EZBs are compact in design. The electrodes we supply can also be connected directly to ignition spark generators or implemented as an integrated or injection moulded solution. Compared to systems with ignition leads, this generates cost benefits and an obvious reduction of EMC-radiation. Other product benefits are low weight, wide operating temperature range and high spark energy for low power consumption.

Owing to the unique construction of the ignition transducer, the energetic qualities, supply voltage, spark frequency and spark burn time can be matched quickly and effectively to your application. Additional features such as GPS tracking, on-line monitoring of the fuel level or integrated flame monitoring without an extra sensor are also possible. Our EZBs are available for 12 and 24-Volt systems.


High voltage lead as connection to the electrodes (alternative)


Compact housing


High voltage resistance


Coil (transmitter/transformer) for generating spark bursts


Fitted circuit board


Automotive connector and interface to the control unit

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Dipl.-Ing. Martin Zappe, Director Sales Division

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