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More ignition energy, fewer resources

EZW – ignition transformer for alternating voltage

The innovative design of this high-frequency ignition spark generator is setting new standards in the field of oil, diesel and gas burners. It eliminates high-voltage cables, reduces electro-magnetic radiation as well as saving space and costs. The transformer generates a high-energy ignition spark that is largely independent of environmental influences due to omitted capacitive load of high-voltage lines, thus ensuring reliable ignition of the fuel mixture and significantly reduced pollutant emissions.

The EZW ignition transformer has integrated power and spark interference suppression. Supplied voltages from 110 to 400 volts, a 100% duty cycle and integrated flame monitoring are possible.


Special housing shapes for space optimisation


Central fixing with a single screw – simple installation, weight-reducing


Attachable to electrodes – material efficient with elimination of ignition lines and increased robustness


Rubber seal for simple connection of the module and protection against the effects of vibration


SMD-fitted PCB


Surge components


Coil (transmitter/transformer)

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Dipl.-Ing. Martin Zappe, Director Sales Division

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