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Ignition Optimisation

IPI®-B – ignition with booster effect

IPI®-B offers an ignition method with booster effect operated by micro-controller. Ignition is optimised even under the harshest of conditions.

The method, patented by PRUFREX, increases the spark energy and extends the spark time, without affecting the secondary voltage. A special arrangement of the mechanical components, as well as the half-waves of alternating current, are used to give the usual ignition sparks higher energy and burn-time. As a result of this method, the conditions for a reliable ignition of the petrol-air mixture present in the combustion chamber are improved. In addition, emissions are also reduced, providing you with a more efficient and environmentally friendly product.


Customised housing


PCB loaded with application-specific software by PRUFREX


Fully automated winding of secondary and primary coil including assembly in one part


Charging coil


Stop connector


Electrical steel lamination core


Coil assembly with PRUFREX unique click technology for automated production

„We optimise our modular solutions to your product. For further details please contact us!“

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Zappe, Director Sales Division

Intelligence in drives

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